- SFI Step by step for beginners - TCredits - Rewardicals - VersaPoints and more

SFI Step by step for beginners - TCredits - Rewardicals - VersaPoints and more


When a new member registers for SFI and clicks on the button to open the new page, will see this page
inviting him to start collecting VersaPoints.
He will need to complete those 6 tasks...to be allowed to move on.
Those 6 tasks will bring him 325 AVPs.

What I would like to say to new members is:
you need to understand the difference between Action VersaPoints (AVPs)
and Sales VersaPoints (SVPs).
And understand the ROLE of VPs in your work here.
We earn VPs in MANY different ways...
They are important for our RANKS... starting with the EA rank...up to the DTL rank.

You can see the requirements here:

Our ranks are important for one of the most important ways to earn money here: the Team Building... the residual income from the work of our Team members.
But, for our ranks, the Sales VPs are the most important...
they come from our sales to our PRMs (buyers) or from our personal
purchases...on TripleClicks or in Localvanita stores...or in RECA stores online.

There is a minimum of SVPs we need to have for the rank we want...and the
rest of it can come from Action VPs...that we can get from our T0-DO list...
ASTRO auctions...many contests we have here...games...and so on.
 For example, for the EA rank, we need to have 1500 VPs... the minimum of 1000 SVPs...and the rest of 500 VPs can be any combination we can manage.
There is a really GREAT item designed for new members to help them get started. It's called the LaunchPack.

But, it can be bought ONLY within the FIRST 60 days in SFI... only one per affiliate.

So, if you buy it, you have all you need to make a GOOD start here.
But, you will need another strategy for the months in the future.
There will be many ways to earn those 1000 SVPs to confirm the EA rank that the LaunchPack gave you immediately.
And those FREE VPs on your TO-DO list might become IMPORTANT to reach the total 1500 VPs you need for your EA rank. So, for now, leave those free VPs for the future... you can always come back and get them WHEN you NEED them.

You can read the most of the articles, just DO NOT collect the VPs,
for now.
It is the same with the Launchpad lessons...just read them... and DO NOT click on the button to collect VPs... until you need them.

This goes for the VPs from the GETTING STARTED and the INTERMEDIATE

The VPs that you SHOULD NOT miss are those from the Daily , Weekly and Monthly actions.

Logging in regularly, EVERY DAY, and doing the Daily actions will put you in the Daily Grand contest... one of the sources to earn some Rewardical tokens.

And Rewardicals are something that you should try to get AS MANY AS YOU CAN!
Reawrdicals can be exchanged for MANY things... but , you will LOVE IT that they can be exchanged for $$$...and also Bitcoins!
So, explore ALL the ways we can earn / win Rewardicals:

690 Rewardicals = $ 1 into commissions
or 600 Rewardicals = $ 1 as a RW TC Certificate... with a minimum of $5 = 3000 RTs... this can be used for our personal purchases on TripleClicks... so, one way to get those SVPs we need for our ranks.

The MAIN source of Rewardicals are our ASTRO auctions.
To participate in auctions, you need TCredits... a VERY important
item to move around here.

To get TCredits available in your account and participate in ASTRO auctions... you will need to BUY them... WIN them... or redeem them for Rewardicals... 77 Rewardicals = 1 TCredit.

Basically, you need to understand this SFI's Trinity : Tcredits -Rewardicals- - VersaPoints. You need to understand their nature... their purpose... the way they circulate in the SFI's system... the way you can get the most of them all.

But, the basic thing you need to understand is that you have joined
an AFFILIATE PROGRAM...and your main job will be to advertise and generate sales.

Our Direct Commissions are 50% from the CV (Commission Volume) from the purchases of our PRMs (buyers).
Our rank will define our DCs from our PSAs ( our 1st generation)...
at the AFF rank, we get 25% DC...if we go EA or higher, we get 50% DC.
Please, take your time to read ENOUGH to understand the program...
there is a lot to "put in".
So...no hurry...just try to see if this is something for you...or not.
In the meanwhile, maybe try some game on TripleClicks...
they will, also, put you in another contest, the Daily Crown... and, who knows... you might even win some Rewardicals!
Reading carefully the Launchpad lessons should always be a MUST TO DO!
For anything you don't understand, your sponsor or upline should be able to help you. If not, you can always ask here on the Forum.


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