- "Corona" virus exceeds the threshold of ten thousand deaths in the world

"Corona" virus exceeds the threshold of ten thousand deaths in the world


On Friday, the death toll of the new Corona virus exceeded the threshold of ten thousand deaths in the world, including more than five thousand in Europe, despite the isolation decisions issued by all countries.

Concern is also growing for the world's poorest countries, where it is impossible to impose the home stay, especially in the vast slums of Asia.

In addition, experts at the United Nations warn that about three billion people do not have the minimum means to fight the virus, such as water and soap.

The United Nations has expressed concern about a lack of solidarity with the poor countries that could cost "millions" of lives.

The epidemic has caused at least 10,316 deaths since its appearance in December, according to a toll compiled by AFP on Friday at eleven GMT, according to official figures. In Europe, led by Italy, there were 5,168 deaths ahead of Asia (3,431 deaths).

Restrictions on freedom of movement include more than half a billion people, after the authorities called on residents to stay with homes.

In California, forty million people were forced to remain in their homes until further notice, unless absolutely necessary.

The same applies to Argentina's 44 million people, while the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro are closed for at least two weeks from Saturday.

In Malaysia, the army will deploy to help police force people into their homes.

On Friday, the British government decided to close schools.

France took measures to prevent hiking on the coast of "Cote d'Azur", which was witnessing a movement despite the instructions to run a house.

Lady Morenval, a doctor residing in a small French town, warned that elderly people who are still living in their homes "don't understand why visits stop and they will feel frustration that could lead to their death."

After "Netflix", Google announced, Friday, to reduce the speed of its broadcast on YouTube to use less to relieve pressure on the Internet in Europe because of the increase in demand due to isolation and work from home.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which the World Health Organization has described as "the enemy of mankind", has so far affected more than 240,000 people worldwide.

In Italy, which has been under complete home stay for a week, the number of priests who die from the virus is increasing day by day, who go to hospitals to bless the infected.

A parish priest in Bergamo, northern Italy, recounted, "Wearing masks, hats, gloves, protective gowns and glasses, we walk like priests alive among the rooms." For his part, the city's bishop, Francesco Bisci, said: "We no longer know where to put the dead. Some churches used this for the purpose."

In China, where 3,250 people died, on Friday, no new local source of infection was registered for the second consecutive day.

Tens of thousands of Chinese living abroad, including students, employees and athletes, were called to "return home", even though they were met with distrust from part of their country.

 On the diplomatic front, China on Friday accused Donald Trump of "running away from his responsibilities", after comments he made, in which he considered the world to pay a "high price" for China's slow reporting of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

The US President expected that chloroquine, used to treat malaria, would soon be used as a potential treatment for people affected, after encouraging results were recorded in China and France. However, a number of experts called for caution, stressing the absence of confirmed and official clinical data.

On Thursday, international drug companies pledged to provide a vaccine against Covid-19 "worldwide" within a period of 12 to 18 months at the earliest.

Highly affected by the spread of the virus, Spain is preparing to face the "toughest days" in fighting the epidemic by using thousands of health care workers.

Solidarity increases in isolated areas of the country. Like many young people in his small village in Castilla, Sergio Caminero, 30, buys the needs for his aging neighbors. He gives them eggs from his own garden, while he gives the last goat's milk he raises.

"If things go wrong, at least we have self-sufficiency in the villages," says Sergio.

Along with a health tragedy, the emerging Corona virus may plunge the world into an economic downturn despite billions of dollars quickly being allocated in the United States and Europe.

The International Labor Organization has warned that 25 million jobs will be threatened in the world in the absence of a coordinated international response. The European Central Bank warned that the European economy "will shrink a lot."

Meanwhile, Asian stock exchanges rose, as investors reassured the effects of the recovery plans announced around the world.

And the Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose at close to more than 5%, as did European stock markets. The Paris and Frankfurt stock exchanges rose more than 5% at the opening, and the London Stock Exchange followed suit.

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