- A doctor in New York commits suicide .. Corona virus causes serious psychological complications for doctors

A doctor in New York commits suicide .. Corona virus causes serious psychological complications for doctors


An emergency doctor at a Manhattan hospital in New York City committed suicide after she supervised the treatment of a large number of people infected with the emerging coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, during the recent period, her father told police.

The New York Times, in its report, said that Dr. Lorna Brain, director of the emergency department at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, committed suicide at her family's home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dr. Lawrence Milneker, deputy head of the quality of care department at the hospital, confirms that the Corona virus has caused serious psychological complications for emergency doctors in New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States of America.

Taylor Hawn, a spokesman for the Charlottesville police, said in an email that they received a call last Sunday for medical assistance, and reported that the victim had been taken to hospital for treatment, but later died of her own injuries.

Her father, Dr. Philip Breen, confirmed that she had gone through a difficult situation during the last period due to the large numbers of people infected with Coronavirus, adding, 'She tried to do her job, and that is what killed her.'

The newspaper pointed out that the father of the suicide doctor said that his daughter had contracted the virus, but she returned to work after recovering.

 Bryn reported that his 49-year-old daughter was not suffering from symptoms, but he said that when he spoke to her for the last time she seemed wandered, and sure something was there.

The father added that his daughter was talking about patients dying before being evacuated from the ambulances, saying, 'She was on the front lines against the virus ... Make sure that she was really a heroine.'

In a statement, Dr. New York-Presbyterian Hospital described Dr. Brain as a heroine who embodied the finest medical ideals while working in the hospital's emergency department.

'Our goal today is to provide support to her family, friends and colleagues as they confront this tragedy under this difficult circumstance,' the statement added.

In addition to her work, the newspaper pointed out that Dr. Brin filled her spare time with friends, hobbies and sports, and one of her friends said that she was also religious and volunteered to provide assistance to the elderly once a week, and had good relations with her family members residing in Virginia.

A doctor at the hospital said that Dr. Brin always cared for others and was trying to make sure they got protective equipment or anything else they needed, and even when she stayed home to recover from the virus, she was sending text messages to her colleagues to check on them.

The New York-Presbyterian Hospital, in which the suicide doctor used to work, is located in Manhattan, with a capacity of two hundred beds, and on some days he was forced to receive 170 people with coronavirus, and on April 7, the number of virus deaths in the hospital reached 59 cases.

Source: New York Times

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