- 5 places on this planet where strange things happen

5 places on this planet where strange things happen


There are many places on the planet where surprising and strange things happen, enabling science to explain each other, while others remain a puzzle.

In her report, published by the Spanish magazine "Mai Viaji", author Edith Sanchez said that natural phenomena may sometimes be the main cause of some strange cases, and sometimes things happen frequently without any justification for them.

Here we present 5 strange things on our planet:

1- Overton Bridge Overton
Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland, is one of the places where strange things happen. Most people know him as a "suicide dog bridge", because over 50 years ago, many dogs were fired there and ended up at the bottom of the valley. So far, science has failed to explain why this phenomenon occurred, as dogs reach the bridge and suddenly it looks like something is pushing them to jump off the bridge.

Some believe that Overton Bridge is the place where the sky converges with Earth, giving him the powers of hypnosis. Others believe that the "white lady" ghost roams this place and urges dogs to jump. There are also doubts that some mammals living under the bridge attract smells to dogs.

2- Marfa's lights 
The writer mentioned that Marfa is a small city located in the state of Texas. Usually, mysterious lights appear in different basketball-like colors that move from one place to another. Sometimes these lights are small and sometimes they are the size of a house or car. It is a wonderful phenomenon that no one has ever explained yet.

James Bonnel is among those who have studied this phenomenon the most, a former NASA astronaut who has followed the region for 12 years. He concluded that this phenomenon occurs as a result of friction under the ground.

3- The Bermuda Triangle The
author states that many legends and myths have always centered around this place, but it cannot be denied the fact that some of the events that took place there remain unexplained. It has been proven that some devices such as compasses do not operate in this area.

Perhaps most surprisingly, many ships and planes have disappeared in this area. For some, this is completely normal in an area with waves up to 18 meters high, sometimes up to about 30 meters high, and characterized by a very changing climate. However, some cases of disappearances occurred in good weather.

4- Mohenjo Daro 
The author has stated that the strange city of Mohenjo Daro is located in the Indus Valley in Pakistan. It is one of the most mysterious places on earth.

The city is located under the desert and is about 4,600 years old. Everything indicates that the population disappeared overnight. A series of bodies that were hugging each other were found, and many of them appear to have radiation poisoning. What happened in this place? Scientifically, nobody knows anything yet.

5. Blood Falls
occur in Antarctica are surprising things, but this time therereasonable interpretationher. The Antarctic blood cascades originate mainly from the Taylor Glacier, which has a thick red blood-like color.

This phenomenon is simply due to the fact that the water source is very salty and contains a large concentration of iron oxide, which gives the water this special color, which is more prominent when contrasted with the color of snow white. It is a beautiful place for fans of observation hobby. 
Source: Spanish press

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