- Corona's invention to empty the land of its inhabitants ... Bill Gates is the "star" of conspiracy theories

Corona's invention to empty the land of its inhabitants ... Bill Gates is the "star" of conspiracy theories


The famous American billionaire Bill Gates has become the favorite target of the conspiracy theorists who benefit through their publications to increase the number of views with the outbreak of the epidemic, and there are many words that are shared on many websites about the founder of Microsoft, such as "he invented the Corona virus" and "wants Empty the Earth from its Population, ”and“ Plant Electronic Slides in Humans. ”

Rory Smith - who is director of research at First Craft, a network of media outlets fighting anti-misinformation across the Internet - said Gates, famous for his generous contributions to philanthropy, has turned into a "voodoo doll in which conspirators instill from all stripes" the needles that are represented here "Their different theories."

And Whitney Phillips of the American University of Syracuse described the American billionaire - who was involved 20 years ago through the Gates Foundation in the campaigns of vaccination and epidemic control - that he was using "scarecrow".

A video clip in English accusing him of, among other things, the desire to "eliminate 15% of the world's population" through vaccines and the laying of electronic chips in the bodies of human beings received nearly two million views on YouTube in less than two months.

These allegations "skyrocketed" between January and April, according to Rory Smith, to the point where the pseudo-English video against Bill Gates is now the most popular Corona publication - which has killed more than 300,000 people worldwide - common , According to the New York Times. 
Allegations targeting Bill Gates accuse him of taking advantage of the Corona epidemic like the "war beneficiary" character (Al-Jazeera)
Misleading allegations can be found all over the world and in all languages ​​on social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, 4 Chan and Reddit.

According to Agence France-Presse, it has reached more than 12 publications that have achieved high viewership levels in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

Through distorted quotes, misleading images and abbreviations, these publications accuse him of wanting to give a poisoned vaccine to Africans by crippling hundreds of thousands of children and controlling the World Health Organization and using our brains to create virtual currencies.

And if a large part of it circulates before the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the allegations targeting Bill Gates share one point: accusing him of wanting to take advantage of the epidemic, such as the "beneficiary of the war" character, to control the world or increase his wealth through selling vaccines.

"These theories can reduce people's confidence in health organizations and reduce vaccination rates, which is worrisome," Smith said.
Any conspiracy theory must reveal who launched it," researcher Kinga Polynchuk Alenius said on a blog of the University of Helsinki, adding that "he criticized the (US President Donald) Trump administration and for being a technology magnate turned into a philanthropist, a major promoter and financier of vaccination campaigns and co-founder of the company." Microsoft, he's the perfect scapegoat for the crisis.

The star of the plot
"He did not become the star of conspiracy theories, he was so long ago," said Sylvan DeLove, a social psychologist at Rennes University. Gates was previously accused of being behind the Zika epidemic, according to conspiracy theorist, but thanks to the current unprecedented health crisis, Gates is being destroyed. Standard levels.

"This is not surprising, given that he is linked to public health issues in various ways with projects he has launched around the world," said Rory Smith, "among theories that Gates is the creator of the virus," "evidence" that he has "patents," and "predicted a pandemic." "During a conference in 2015.

In fact, a research institute that received funding from the Gates Foundation patented an animal-borne corona virus, and like part of the scientific community Gates had expressed concern about a possible pandemic.
Some of the allegations against Bill Gates are the result of political divisions and his criticism of President Donald Trump (Al Jazeera)
Political divisions
These false allegations were also shared by well-known personalities such as French actress Juliet Pinochet in transcending political divisions, and Gates, critic of Trump, has angered conservative TV presenter Laura In Graham, who accused him of wanting to "track" people with vaccines.

If we want to simplify, his wealth and being a tech giants make him a "suspect" of the hard-left, while his influential international personality makes him the embodiment of a "global trend" hated by the "hard-right", as Sylvan Delofi explained.

However, Delofi adds - exposing false allegations does not mean that "everyone is good", indicating that there may be questions about the use of personal data by technology groups or governments for example, and the Bill Gates Foundation has also been criticized for lack of transparency in Managed or selected as funding in the scientific journal The Lancet.  

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