- Are you ashamed of photos you previously posted? Here's how to clean social networks

Are you ashamed of photos you previously posted? Here's how to clean social networks


The German technology magazine "ct" advises the user to browse his personal files on social networks, and to remove inappropriate posts and embarrassing images, in addition to that the user must think carefully about the impressions such publications can leave with friends , Before posting any topic or picture.

activity log records every action the user performs in chronological order, and it also allows for some individual adjustments, where you can remove the admiration marks or delete posts and modify log entries.

Experts advise investing some time when using the Facebook network daily, as there are no tools that help to clean the Facebook network, except for the Social Book Post Manager plugin for Google Chrome, which provides the user with the ability to modify many posts In the activity log at once.

Instagram The
primary concern of the Instagram network is on publishing photos, but when the user checks again for the pictures and the stories that have been published, he will surely find images that he can regret or at least no longer want to see, and here the Cleaner application can be used to remove an image Instagram, this app is available for Android devices.

User can get rid of embarrassing Twitter tweets by searching on old tweets with Twitter (Pixaby) tools

The user can also get rid of embarrassing Twitter tweets by searching in old tweets with Twitter tools, where advanced search provides the ability to search in old tweets according to certain keywords.

There are a lot of external tools that make this task easier and more comfortable, such as Tweetdeleter, which provides the user with a good overview of all tweets that can be filtered according to different criteria, and it can also be removed directly.

Tweetdelete web service By removing tweets older than a certain date that are determined by the user automatically for once or regularly, the Tokimeki Unfollow tool helps the user to "cancel follow", as this tool displays the latest tweets from the accounts one by one, and is available every time The possibility of not following the account in question.

Google and YouTube
Although Google search engine is not considered a social network, it logs a lot of data about the user, whether it is desirable or unwanted information or old or new data, and therefore the user must set up Google search alerts.
This service informs the user of the new search results by e-mail, and he must not set the alert using his personal name, but the user name or pseudonyms must be used in various services and networks, and if the user is afraid of exceeding YouTube comments and its impact on his image, he can display YouTube comments and posts specifically removed. 

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