- French philosopher ... Will Europe and its ancient civilization collapse? Shocking reviews!!

French philosopher ... Will Europe and its ancient civilization collapse? Shocking reviews!!


The French philosopher - who is an extension of postmodern philosophers in France, known for his abundance of his works that promise in dozens - denounced the inefficiency of European governments in dealing with the Corona pandemic, and called for reading the books of the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, who was famous for his personal reflections and commitment to isolation until his death in 1592 AD Also, watch the films of French film director Jacques Tati, who presented important feature films that won international awards, as part of his stance of compulsory quarantine.

The decline of the old continent

Onfrey believes that the pandemic of the new Corona virus will constitute a new stage within the "collapse of the Jewish-Christian civilization," according to the analysis presented in his book "Decline", in which he considered that Western civilization is in a continuous collapse, and lives a state of pyramid, indicating the absence of true literary and artistic creativity within Its review manifestations of the decline of the West.

The pandemic shows - according to the French philosopher - the incompetence of the head of state and government, and the inconsistency and inconsistency of President Emmanuel Macron's speeches (such as calling to stay at home and going to vote); This leads to distrust of the "obedient" president.

Onfrey continues to say that the ideology of Europe is collapsing, as a result of the liberal policy that justifies putting the elderly in hospital corridors and leaving them breathing their last, the dumping of the medical team in the "war zone", and the inability to provide them with masks or even an alcoholic sterilizer; Not only heralds a fall and does not precipitate it, but fully shows the ways in which it falls.

He says that the media monitors death around the clock, and puts the French in front of this existential dilemma.

The collapse of globalization

In his talk about China sending a million mask in the form of aid, and how this demonstrated the extreme weakness of the Europeans; Onfrey made it clear that it was like the fall of the Soviet Union when the West had imagined for more than half a century the success of the Marxist-Leninist empire.

Indeed, the epidemic shows how Europe - which had been a world economic power for a quarter of a century - is likely to join the ranks of the great world empires that were destined to fall, indicating its inability to make masks for the medical teams that receive victims of the epidemic. In short, the philosopher says, "Europe has become the new third world."

Everyone thought, according to the French philosopher, that the coming crisis would be primarily economic, but what made the world collapse is a virus.

Explaining the reason for this misjudgment, Onfrey pointed out that the virus is linked to the globalization economy. He explained his opinion, indicating that the liberal economy made profit the goal and end of all policies, and asked: Why do we produce and store masks? Considering that this made health services the preserve of the wealthy who can provide funds to enjoy them.

He added, "It cannot be denied the fact that the virus exposed the economic options, and therefore the policy followed in France from Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, President of the French Republic from 1974 to 1981, to Francois Mitterrand, and to Emmanuel Macron."
Philosophical pleasures

In domestic stone, Onfrey recommends reading the works of the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius, who is categorized as one of the "five best emperors" who ruled the Roman Empire from 96 to 180 AD before the era of the turmoil and fall of the empire, and he was famous for his meditations he wrote "to himself", and he wrote it at a time when his country was He fought a fierce war that did not prevent him from writing his ideas, which became one of the most important books of Stoic philosophy, although he did not want to go out to the public, and Aurelius embodies the dream of the philosopher Plato that the ruler be a philosopher.

Onfrey also recommends reading the works of the Latin philosopher and writer Lucius Seneca (died 65 AD) who wrote nine tragic plays that embody his moral and stoic philosophy, and whose characters engage in dramatic struggles between reason and emotion.

The French philosopher says that these great writers can be considered the philosophers of the struggle against adversity par excellence. They offer advice to fight anxiety, fear, anguish, aging, disease, suffering, betrayal and death, as he put it.

Regarding the feeling of boredom during this period, Onfrey said that he always ignored the concept of boredom, because books were for him a way out of all the predicaments he faced.

The French philosopher quotes Montesquieu, the French writer and political philosopher, on the curative virtue of reading, saying, "I have never felt sad that an hour of reading has not dispelled him." So Onfrey considers he unable to imagine someone else getting bored; Boredom means not dealing with anything but yourself, at a time when the world is vast outside of ourselves.

Education and children

Regarding what should be taught to children in the framework of organizing distance education, Onfrey stated that they should be taught how to read, write and calculate, and thus analyze, think and acquire a critical mind, which are considered reactionary things in the eyes of the "nihilists", who presented themselves for years as progressive.

Moreover, this educational approach can also be used to do what the school has not really done, which is to teach art, which is a real school of sensitivity, according to Unvery comments to the French magazine.

Onfrey continues to teach poems and read poetry to children, as well as stories, and to make them discover theater or opera, texts, brochures, and scenes of smart shows.
Ignore the flag

Speaking of ignoring scientific discourse, Onfrey stressed that the term "science" should not be an obstacle to critical thinking.

Regarding the possibility of this crisis causing a civil and moral explosion in European societies, Onfrey said that this crisis will be followed by heavy consequences, predicting the emergence of increasing anger.

Onfrey continues that there is a reservation - at the present time - to express this anger because of the beginning of stone, intellectual and moral rivalry, and fragmented information, but this crisis will not automatically revive the civil spirit that was destroyed by fifty years of public propaganda in France, according to French philosopher.

In conclusion, on the existence of previous historical events that could inspire Europeans to rebuild themselves, Onfrey indicated that there is no point in searching in the past for reasons to understand the present; The present is sufficient for those who work their intelligence, minds, thinking and critical thought.

Honfrey is categorized as one of the "anti-liberal left" faces, and he presented in his writings the works of great philosophers, considering that philosophy is an art of existence, and its goal of happiness through sensual and intellectual pleasures, and his book "Anti-Philosophy History" carries a liberating sense through which he seeks to simplify philosophy to the public instead of monopolizing it from Before the academic and specialized elites, they raised the slogan "Philosophy for All".

French philosopher Michel Onfrei does not stop raising controversy in his country with surprising and shocking intellectual reviews. In new reviews related to the world of the Corona pandemic, Onfrey said in his interview with the French magazine "Le Pen" that Europe has become a "new third world",considering that the outbreak of corona coincides with the collapse of the ideology of Europe, which follows the liberal policy aimed at profit only... 
 Source : French press

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