- Donald J.Trump rescue an elderly man who was tortured in a Detroit rehabilitation home!

Donald J.Trump rescue an elderly man who was tortured in a Detroit rehabilitation home!


For a period of 90 seconds a video clip circulated on US social media to a young man in his twenties as he directed violent punches at an elderly in the mid seventies, until the elderly man fell to the ground blood covered his face.

The video, has infuriated followers of the media, especially after it became clear that it was filmed in a care and rehabilitation home in Detroit, Michigan.

The surprise was US President Donald Trump's comment on the video, writing on Twitter: "Can it really happen? Is that true? Where is the nursing home located? And what is the state of the elderly now?"

Activists re-sent the US president's comment to the Detroit City Police, and a few minutes later the Detroit Police Chief James Gregg arrested the accused young man, and the elderly - who later turned out to be veterans - was taken to hospital for intensive treatment, and his condition appeared stable.

The police revealed, through preliminary investigations, that the young man was the one who photographed himself during the punching of the elderly, who completely surrendered to the incident of torture without resistance, while the authorities found another video on the young man's phone while he was taunting an old woman and insulting her violently in the same care home.

For his part, the lawyer of the nursing home confirmed that the suspect young man was not staying for a long time in the facility, but was accepted for temporary rehabilitation, and the house did not disclose the type of treatment and the nature of the young man's condition, and was satisfied with noting that he is not a worker in the care home.

Many activists on Twitter rushed to charge responsible agencies of indolence in following the homes for the elderly, as dozens of bodies were discovered recently in New York City for elderly people who died without knowing anyone due to the Corona pandemic.

The suspect was transferred to the Detroit detention center, and the police announced that he would be subjected to a detailed investigation, and that he would not go out before the investigation was completed, adding that he would be sanctioned quickly before the court.

For his part, the young man's father confirmed that his son suffers from psychological problems, and he was transferred to the nursing home after he was infected with Corona virus (Covid-19), indicating that his son should not have been quarantined with the elderly without supervision.

And the bodies were discovered by accident, by visiting a person in a nursing home after they smelled an unpleasant smell emanating from the place, and he informed the local authorities that stormed the place and discovered dozens of bodies, according to local American newspapers.Source : websites

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