- Plot or Genius ... How did Bill Gates expect Corona?

Plot or Genius ... How did Bill Gates expect Corona?


In April of 2018, Bill Gates began his speech by reclaiming their childhood fears of that previous time, saying: "The catastrophe that worried us was nuclear war", to start preparing for this danger by storing cans and water in barrels and abandoning them in the basement. Here, the comparison begins, explaining that the catastrophe that will kill more than 10 million people in the coming decades will not be a nuclear explosion, or war, but rather a highly contagious virus, not missiles but microbes, explaining that the main reason for this happening is to invest huge sums of nuclear deterrence, But we are not investing in the same size in confronting or stopping epidemics. He says: “We are not prepared for the next epidemic,” recalling the spread of Ebola, and explaining that the reason for the loss of control is not related to the system’s imbalance, but rather to the absence of a system from the original!

There was no system? Bill Gates says that there was no group of epidemiologists ready to go and see what the disease was, or to see how quickly it spread, rather that all the information came on paper, it was late in the internet and was not very accurate, and there was no medical team ready to go, and no There was no way to prepare people or prepare them for what awaited them, indicating that there are some efforts from some of the organizations that organized the volunteers, but Bill Gates believes that we are beyond what is required and that a disease that spreads and kills requires hundreds of thousands of workers in the field, and says: It was a global failure. "

Among the reasons that Bill Gates saw was a contribution to controlling Ebola, first of all the nature of the virus that is not transmitted by air, and also that it did not reach urban areas, which he considered only related to luck, when he said: "If he had reached the cities, the number of victims would have been much greater." He continues his assumption, assuming a future scenario of an individual being infected with a contagious virus but does not feel any chronic symptoms, but is in good health that enables him to board a plane or even reach the nearest store where he is sold as a normal individual. 
It is a state of war ..

While explaining, Gates presented a simulation by the Institute for Disease Modeling, which found that the emergence of a new type of influenza like that that killed 50 million people in 1918 could now kill 30 million people within six months, and the disease that would surprise us in the future was the one we don't know about Anything that we see for the first time is like what happened with SARS, and what we see now with Corona. Gates draws attention to a very important observation, which is the same that we started the report when he says: "If you tell your governments now that there is a threat of weapons that would kill 30 million people, there will be a sense of urgency about preparing for the threat, but in the case of biological threats, This sense of urgency does not exist, "he said, noting that the world needs to prepare for epidemics as it prepares for war.

This talk of war extends to what he sees as common between epidemics and wars, suggesting that we prepare and provide epidemics for what is presented in the event of war: soldiers ready to launch at any moment, reserves sufficient for large numbers of people, and also proposing a new health system in poor countries that will in turn help to reveal Early on the epidemics, and the need for a fully trained, equipped, experienced and ready medical staff and ready to go, and believes that accompanying the army to the medical team will be important, as the army has many advantages, including speed of movement, access and area security. And he confirms that we need in-depth research in the field of vaccines and diagnostic means, and concluding his speech that if there is a lesson learned or a positive point that can be calculated for Ebola, it would be that Ebola was a warning bell or an invitation to wake up and prepare, and that we have tools such as science, research and technology, but we need to integrate All of our tools are combined.

Researcher in Cancer Biology and Metabolic Diseases at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany, Dr. Alia Kiwan, assures Maidan that what the businessman Bill Gates referred to is in his place, and that his efforts in the health and scientific fields are clear, and this may be a sign from him and an invitation to the owners of the money to invest in This area, which will constitute a paradigm shift in epidemic cases, indicates that businessman Bill Gates recently published an important article (8) in February 2020, again seeking the help of Spanish fever as an example that might cost the world a lot of lives, indicating that the Corona virus is a disease of the century Which will turn into a pandemic, stressing the need for governments to join forces with science, industry and finance to manufacture antiviral drugs and vaccines to overcome this crisis.

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