- A second record, the U S is approaching the 2.5 million threshold for corona infection

A second record, the U S is approaching the 2.5 million threshold for corona infection

Johns Hopkins University reported that the United States witnessed a sharp and unprecedented rise, on Friday, the second consecutive rise in the incidence of emerging coronavirus infections.

The university, which is considered one of the most reliable international sources in coronavirus outbreak statistics and based on federal and local official data and open sources, confirmed that the United States recorded 45,255 new infections during the day yesterday, Friday, compared to 39,972 Thursday. .

In the United States, on Friday, according to university data, 629 new deaths from the epidemic were recorded, compared to 2425 deaths the previous day.

In general, to date, according to the latest statistics of the university, 2467837 confirmed cases of "Covid-19" have been registered in the United States, including 12,039 deaths and 670,809 cases of recovery, which is more than twice the outcome of any other country in the world.

And if the number of new infections today does not fall below yesterday's number, the United States will cross the 2.5 million HIV infection threshold.

The rate of new coronavirus infections in the United States has risen continuously for more than a week, after falling for more than six weeks, with a number of states recording record jumps in the number of people recently infected.

This comes amid continuing social unrest in the United States since the outbreak of the death of a young black man, George Floyd, by a white policeman during his arrest in Minneapolis in late April.

The resurgence of the epidemic has prompted the authorities of some US states and territories to re-tighten restrictions to reduce the spread of infection.

Last week, US President Donald Trump decided to resume his electoral rallies and stressed the need to "return to normalcy," despite the continuing pandemic.

Source: RT