- How did Tyson go bankrupt? What is the story of his return to a millionaire?

How did Tyson go bankrupt? What is the story of his return to a millionaire?


Boxing world champion Mike Tyson has recovered from the financial crisis he suffered many years ago, paying off his debts and making a fortune again that put him among the millionaires.

Tyson, 53, had a fortune of more than $ 400 million in the 1990s when he was in control of the heavyweight title, but suffered a major setback, and lost all his wealth because of his mismanagement and drowning in his pleasures until he declared bankruptcy in 2003.

Not only did Tyson lose his wealth, but he borrowed about $ 23 million, which made him suffer after he was living a luxurious life with huge real estate and a fleet of luxury cars.

British newspaper "Sun" reported that Tyson was one of the most famous men on the planet in the nineties, and even held a legendary party on his thirtieth birthday attended by 700 prominent figures, including the current US President Donald Trump.

  Tyson with R.Trump
Tyson wasted that he bought his ex-wife, Robin Gevens, a pure gold bath, valued at $ 2.2 million, as well as his love for watches and jewelry, including one hour worth $ 800,000.

He also acquired two tigers for 140 thousand dollars, and he kept them in the garden of his palace, and he spent 190,000 dollars on their food annually.

But the world champion started revising himself and straightening his life after he was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine and driving under the influence of drugs in 2005, where he began to find a modified version of himself, and participated in some comic acting, as he succeeded in the world of podcasts.
Finally he became a businessman with the participation of Alky David, the owner of the cannabis empire that earns more than 600 thousand dollars per month, which prompted him to expand the planning to grow 418 acres of non-criminal herbs in America.

After Tyson learned from his previous mistakes, the heavyweight legend in boxing managed to settle his debts, and amassed a new fortune estimated at more than three million, a candidate for doubling in his first battle after he recently announced his return to boxing. 


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