- The sequential shocks of 2020 are profoundly transforming the world

The sequential shocks of 2020 are profoundly transforming the world

A research, published in the Future Center for Research and Advanced Studies, said , “During the past decades we have used expressions of turning points, intervening stages, or critical years, while we are straining ourselves to prove that they are, based on sharp developments of a strategic nature during which they took place. To major, multi-dimensional, long-term transformations, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the events of September 11, 2001, or the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the Arab revolutions in 2011, many of which were actually like that, until the year 2020, so that the effects of what happened in it reached almost every home. around the world".

The analytical article, entitled “The Puzzling Case of a Series of Cascading Shocks in 2020,” stated that “the traditional tendency to analyze events that led, or could lead, to profound transformations in the shape of the world, has usually focused on a special kind of developments that merit To be studied in basic education textbooks, as signs of a difference in history, such as world wars, comprehensive revolutions, economic collapses or natural disasters; these are usually those events that provoke - even if this is not true - scenarios for an “end” to the world. The least is what exists at the time of its occurrence. "

Epidemic diseases
The paper pointed out that at the end of 2019 there were firm expectations that the year 2020 would not be a good year at all. The possibilities of international clashes escalated to the point that the expression “World War III” had reappeared without revisions, in light of the Chinese rise. Concerns about the possibility of exacerbating that "economic crisis", which is said to recur every 10 years, with storms surging in several regions towards the occurrence of direct armed conflicts between major regional powers; It is a type of interactions that introduces the term "Geo".

The paper referred to the fracture of large entities that were models of international mergers, a new wave of revolutions that struck other countries in the Arab region, and resource conflicts related to water and gas, as it touches on issues of existence or vital interests of the world. A completely irrational pattern in managing international relations, based on provocation, blackmail and "thuggery", and the lack of observance of any rules of any kind, and it seemed that control had become an illusion, and strife was coming.

But what was unpredictable, coming from behind the horizon of the Unknown Knowns, occurred. Although “epidemic diseases” were one of the most dangerous natural disasters that usually triggered scenarios of “the end of the world”, as if it appeared then. And it was basically a century ago. It is true that a number of them struck the world a short time ago, and caused general contamination, such as “Ebola” and “H1N1”, but Covid-19 was shocking, even though it is not a deadly virus. It was fierce and unprecedentedly contagious, and it could be killed in a world where people move from end to end within a day.

The perfect storm
The document highlighted that the rapid spread of Corona virus, beginning in developed countries whose health system collapsed in record time, and the state of panic that swept countries, with "pictures" of cities and airports empty under stone, led to the formation of the "complete storm" that represents the most important features of the year mentioned. All the problems that were previously expected, with the additional sharp effects of what appeared to be a "black death" coming, to push towards the closure of the world; Then a series of the following incidents began to happen, respectively: Fires, torrents, assassinations, disturbances, explosions, to provide the visual and sound effects that were completed with a Greek tragic image that introduced the year 2020 to history, and kept it in it.

And the author of the paper went on: "For states and people, it was like a nightmare, the people who were experiencing it did not realize whether what was happening was real or not. A long period of disbelief passed into what happened suddenly without warning, as if there was a mythical being manipulating the buttons of the Slot Machine, detonating it." A problem every week, while shouting rises in some place with every click of a button, and the "comics" do not forget, those who expect worse fictional disasters, until not presenting new ideas for the year 2020, it may happen, and it seems that it will happen for a while. It vanished, and that the concept of reality has cracked, and that everything can be believed, even if it is not believable. "

Divergent points
The article drew attention to a movie based on a short story called Curious Case of The Button Benjamin, about a child who begins advancing in age towards childhood, his problem is that he is born old, and whoever watches him has to set his minds on the logic of you and make you different Backward, at a time moving forward, to understand what is going on; It is not exactly a problem in trying to understand the chain of shocks of 2020, but it is close to it, as cumbersome and very dramatic.

Here are several separate points, which have become common, and may contribute to what is still happening, and often will not simply end:
1- The year 2020 has a strong link to history, not to current developments.
2- The year 2020 is simply a turning point
3- The idea of ​​“existential questions” needs attention
4- Thinking about what cannot be thought of is completely realistic at the present time.

Academia time
During the past period, some people almost used terms that are used only in geography and space sciences often, such as the planet or the globe instead of the world, according to the center, due to the severe effects of the Corona pandemic, parallel to the usual problems of insecurity; The map exposed its inhabitants to a problem in 2020, similar to or close to what it suffered during the years 1914, 1918, 1929, 1939, 1945, 1962, 2001, 2011 and 2016, during which it seemed that the world - or a large part of it - was in danger.

There is a logic to all of this, but things will return to moving towards normal conditions (even if they are new), with the unexpected expectation all the time, and preparation for it. It is science that will solve the problem that has not been able to solve it for a while. There are Stoic philosophical ideas about “grants” that emerge from “tribulations” that have proven well established, just as economic sectors have been affected by what has happened, where “some economic sectors have witnessed” Complementarity with the issue of existential ideas - the minds of persons, the values ​​of societies and the state of the environment have become more balanced, so there are no net losses.