- 5-Hard downtime.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

5-Hard downtime.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

The movie "The Hard Stop" (2015) this time is not an American, but a British film, but it follows the same approach in documenting police brutality and racism against black citizens.
The movie follows the death of a young black Briton, Mark Duggan, who lost his life at the hands of Metropolitan Police officers in Tottenham, north London.
The protests escalated and lasted for several days, spreading across London and beyond, making headlines around the world.
The film sheds light on the environment around the boy, focusing on his friendship with Marx Knox Hook and Curtis Henville who used to confront the police as they attacked locals.
The film is not considered a documentary in the usual sense, but it is an independent film that aims to search for the true story, after the police claimed that the young man was going to shoot them, although the disputed rifle was found 20 feet from his car, wrapped inside a sock after he threw it In the midst of panic and terror.
The film follows the childhood and upbringing of Mark Dogman with his friends Marcus and Curtis on Broadwater Farm in Tottenham, north London, shedding light on the human story behind the fatal events in Tottenham, and the impact of Dogman's death on his friends and family.
The filmmakers used sympathetic interviews with the young man and his two friends, summarizing the way the police often concoct evidence to reach their goals.