- 4- rounds 16.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

4- rounds 16.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

The documentary 16 Shots (2019) revolves around a crime that shook the cities of the American West completely, after Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyck shot a 17-year-old boy, killing him instantly with 16 rounds within 15 seconds. Without anyone anticipating the repercussions of that act. 
All the officers agreed to support their colleague, and focus on one sentence, which is that the young man was trying to attack the officer with a hand knife, and the officers tried to legalize their point of view in the narration in all illegal ways, so they went to a nearby restaurant whose cameras filmed the incident, and they erased the event. Full of the videos, after which they pressured the eyewitnesses to change their statements in support of the murdered boy.

The movie is not related to the actual filming of the event, or to meeting the boy's family and friends, but it is concerned with the protests that happened in the city after that night, especially after the officers considered that the attack on one policeman was an attack on them completely.
The film confirms the brutal treatment of the police with black citizens in particular, and also confirms that all institutions joined together to support the official narration of the event, which made the filmmakers difficult to move with equipment during filming.