- 2- Thirteenth.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

2- Thirteenth.. More brutal than you can imagine ..

"The Thirteenth" (13th 2016) is an excellent summary of American history, and focuses on the thirteenth amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America, which is "There is neither slavery nor voluntary servitude except as punishment for a crime for which a person is duly convicted, within the United States." American, and wherever it is subject to its jurisdiction. "

And when the amendment to Article 13 of the US Constitution was ratified in 1865, its authors left for themselves a large exploitable loophole, as it turned slavery into a legal method of punishment, which was supposed to have been dismantled after the abolition of slavery.

The film takes a hard look at the US prison system, and how it affects the lives of black individuals and their families, and indicates that one in four African American males spends part of his life in prison for one reason or another.