- October surprise ... Trump's infection with Corona triggers a political earthquake in USA

October surprise ... Trump's infection with Corona triggers a political earthquake in USA

A political earthquake hit the United States of America after its President Donald Trump announced, late Thursday evening, that he was infected with the emerging coronavirus.

This data opens the American political scene to several possibilities, especially since it comes only 32 days before the November 3rd elections, and three days after the first presidential debate that brought together Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Trump announced that he was infected with the virus came after the White House adviser, Hope Hicks, announced, on Thursday evening, that she was also infected. This will change several data in the elections of the third of next November, given that the United States has never witnessed a scenario similar to what is happening now.

The intricacies of the presidential race

This announcement means that the US president will not be able to travel to a number of states in which the vote swings between Democrats and Republicans, and whose victory is crucial to reaching the White House.

And Trump was scheduled to visit a number of these states in the coming days. After arriving in Minnesota last Wednesday, he was expected to participate in a rally in Florida on Friday. This state is considered one of the most prominent states that decide the presidential race towards the White House.

In addition, the president's infection with the virus makes it unlikely to hold the second presidential debate, which was expected on the fifteenth of this month, while the debate of the two deputy candidates, Mike Pence, the Republican deputy candidate, and his Democratic counterpart Kamala Harris is expected to be held next week.

The announcement of Trump's infection with Corona and the proximity of a penny to him, makes it difficult to hold the next debate between the two MPs on time, especially since health experts confirm that the period of symptoms of infection with the virus may extend from two to 14 days.

This health emergency puts the second presidential debate with Joe Biden in the wind, at least in its direct form, given that Trump will have to undergo a two-week quarantine, while Biden is expected to perform a number of tests to ensure that he is not infected with "Covid 19" During the coming days.

According to the "New York Times" newspaper, there is a long history of American presidents falling seriously ill while in office, including some presidents who were injured during epidemics, as President George Washington was on the verge of dying from an influenza epidemic during his second year in office, while he fell ill President Woodrow Wilson during peace talks in Paris after World War I due to what some specialists and historians believe was the flu that ravaged the world from 1918 to 1920.
Four presidents died while in the White House of natural causes, namely William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Warren J. Harding and Franklin Roosevelt, while Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke, and Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in his first term and a stroke in the second term.

October surprise

Americans are accustomed to the October surprise, which is usually a major scandal that explodes before the presidential elections, and plays a large role in determining the identity of the winner of the race to the White House.

In 2016, the leak of emails of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, played a big role in tilting the scales in favor of Trump, who decided the elections, contrary to what the opinion polls indicated.

And if the American public has been busy in recent days with controversy about the first debate and the investigations of the "New York Times", which revealed the president's tax records, then the focus in the coming days will be on Trump's health after contracting the virus.

It seems that the surprise of October this year is that the president has been infected with "Covid-19", a disease that Trump has always underestimated and claimed that its "end is imminent", while the United States recorded, on Thursday, more than 42 thousand new infections.

The president's infection with the virus puts Americans before a choice between maintaining public health, by adhering to health safety measures, or opening the economy and returning to normal life.

The economy is the most prominent driver of voter attitudes in the United States. A survey conducted by Florida Atlantic University stated that when voters were asked about the most important issues that would determine which candidate they would vote for in Florida, 37 percent of respondents answered that the priority would be the economy, 17 percent for plans to confront Corona, and 14 percent for healthcare.

Adjustment 25

President Trump appeared healthy this week; He participated in the first presidential debate and a number of election rallies, and even two hours before announcing the news of his injury, he conducted an interview with the conservative "Fox News" channel, in which he stated that he was waiting for the results of the Corona test after confirming that his assistant Hope Hicks was injured.

The United States ratified the Twenty-fifth Amendment in 1967, which gives the medically incapacitated president the option to transfer power temporarily to the vice president, and he can regain his power whenever he deems himself fit to perform his duties.

US presidents have relied on this provision only three times. In 1985, President Ronald Reagan underwent a colonoscopy and briefly handed over power to his Vice President George Bush. President George W. Bush twice summoned this clause, and temporarily handed over power to his deputy, Dick Cheney, in 2002 and 2007, for a short period.

Under the Presidential Succession Act, if both Trump and Pence are unable to fulfill their duties, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will act as the president as the third person in the hierarchy of power in the United States.

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