- In the midst of the election campaign, Trump tests COVID-19 positive

In the midst of the election campaign, Trump tests COVID-19 positive


US President Donald Trump announced that he had been infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19), after one of his close advisers was infected, while his doctor announced that Trump would continue his work.

Trump had said - yesterday, Thursday - that he and the first lady Melania will enter quarantine, pending the results of the tests that were conducted for them after it was confirmed that an assistant had been infected with the emerging coronavirus.

"Hop Hicks (Trump's advisor) who works hard without taking a small break, has just been confirmed to have COVID-19," Trump said on Twitter.

the US President's doctor declared that Trump was "fine" and would continue to perform his duties "without interruption" during quarantine with Melania.

"They are both fine at this time," said Doctor Sean Connelly. "They plan to stay at home in the White House during the quarantine period."

US President Donald Trump and the first lady have contracted COVID-19, just a month before the presidential election. The news reverberated through world media and financial markets. The political ramifications of Trump's infection could be sweeping and change the course of the US elections and the next presidency. The news of an American president contracting a potentially lethal virus already carried global repercussions beyond that of any other world leader.


Hicks was on Air Force One with President Trump when he traveled to Cleveland in Ohio - Tuesday - to participate in the debate with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and traveled with him - on Wednesday - when he visited Minnesota at a rally. .

"She works very hard ... she often wears a mask, but her test results came out positive," Trump said, noting that he spends "a long time with Hope, just like the first lady."

Hicks joined the real estate mogul campaign team in early 2016, and is part of the president's inner circle. 

Trump will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, a state of uncertainty prevails in the political circles, especially about whether he will be able to conduct his business and the work of his election campaign.
He pointed out that among the criticisms that have always been directed at Trump is his lack of concern for medical advice in this regard, in terms of social distancing and putting on masks.

As a result, Trump canceled an election festival in Florida from his program on Friday evening, after he had tested positive for the virus.

Trump was scheduled to hold a campaign rally at Sanford Airport, Florida, but his updated schedule is limited to a midday phone call about "supporting the elderly in the face of Covid-19."

Stock prices also fell in the US futures market after Trump and first lady Melania announced his injury...

Source:  Aljazeera, DW, RT, BBC

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