- Before the highest European court .. “YouTube” won a legal dispute over the rights of users

Before the highest European court .. “YouTube” won a legal dispute over the rights of users

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In its ruling, the Supreme Court of Europe said that "online platforms are not responsible for raising users for unauthorized actions unless the platforms fail to take prompt action to remove the content or block access to it."

The case is the latest development in a long-running legal battle between Europe's trillion-dollar creative industry and online platforms, as the former seeks to compensate for unauthorized acts being uploaded to online platforms.

It is also part of a broader debate about what online platforms and social media should do to monitor the dissemination of unauthorized, illegal or hateful content, an issue that EU regulators are targeting with strict new rules that could come into force within Next year.

"Currently, the operators of online platforms themselves do not, in principle, inform the public about copyrighted content illegally posted on the Internet by users of such platforms," ​​the European Court of Justice said.

The European Court said platforms could be liable if they did not put in place the appropriate technological tools to deal with copyright infringements by their users or if they provided tools on their platforms for illegally sharing content.In response to the court's decision, a YouTube spokesperson said the site was "a pioneer in the field of copyright and supports rights holders getting their fair share".

YouTube Videos found itself accused in this case after music producer Frank Peterson sued it and Google in Germany after users in 2008 filed several recordings on the platform while he owned the copyright to those recordings.

Existing European rules exempt YouTube and similar platforms from this copyright liability when they are notified of infringements and remove illegal content.

Last year, the European Union amended its copyright rules for the first time in two decades to help creative industries with a key provision known as Article 17. This requires YouTube, Instagram and other content-sharing platforms to install filters that prevent users from uploading protected material. Copyright.

However, this has drawn criticism from civil rights groups concerned about censorship by potentially authoritarian governments and threats to freedom of expression.

Source: Reuters

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