- Messi bid farewell to Barcelona in tears (video)

Messi bid farewell to Barcelona in tears (video)


Argentine star Lionel Messi held a press conference today, Sunday, in which he bid farewell to Barcelona fans, after announcing his departure from the Catalan team.
Messi appeared affected, as he could not contain himself and broke down in tears.

Here are the highlights of what Messi said at the farewell conference:

Messi: I can't find the words to express this position

Messi: I would have liked to stay at the club, in recent days I thought a lot about what I should say.

Messi: Leaving is difficult after all the years I've been here.

Messi: My family and I thought we would stay in Barcelona.. After 21 years, I leave with my three Catalan-Argentine children.

Messi: Barcelona will be my home forever and I am grateful to everyone..
I gave everything to the club from day one until the last moment.. I have many beautiful memories and some not so pleasant ones.

Messi: Today comes the moment of farewell .. I and my children will return here one day.

Messi: So far, I do not have any negotiations with any team, and there are many clubs that have contacted me and until this moment I have not decided my destination.

Messi: My football career with Barcelona is over, and this is the state of football, and the memories remain.

Messi: I have devoted my entire career to making the fans happy here.

Messi: I hope to return to be part of the club's future.

Messi: It's the hardest moment of my career

Messi .. Barcelona is a great team and has all the ingredients for success

Messi: I am in the best shape and I will continue my career and look for a new challenge.

Messi: I will continue to play as long as my physical condition allows it.

Messi: I would have liked to win the Champions League again with Barcelona.

Messi: I gave up 50 percent of the value of my contract and did everything in my power to stay at the club, but things did not go as they should.

Messi: Barcelona did everything they could to renew my contract. I heard many things said about me, I also did the impossible to stay.

Messi: I have always treated everyone with respect and humility, and I think these memories will remain when I leave, and I think there are many great and bad things, but all of that helped me to develop and reach the person I am now, and I gave everything for this shirt from the first day until the last .

Messi: I don't have a problem with Tebas, the president of La Liga, and I don't know if he is the reason for not renewing me, or if the club's debts are behind it.

Messi: I congratulate Dani Alves on the Olympic gold, I'm trying to surpass the number of titles, this is my mentality.

Messi: My picture with the Paris players? It was a spontaneous picture... just a picture on vacation with nothing behind it.

Messi: Paris Saint-Germain is a potential next destination for me. So far, nothing is certain. I received many calls after the Barcelona announcement."

Messi: My picture with the Paris players? It was a spontaneous picture... just a picture on vacation with nothing behind it.

Messi: I did not feel that anyone lied to me in Barcelona, ​​​​we did everything to continue, I am transparent and clear with everyone, sometimes you have to say your opinion, there are some lies and rumors, but I was transparent with everyone, and I tell the truth to all these fans that She shared with her all the love and respect.




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