- To prevent them from being cut down .. Watch: Dozens of women in Britain marry trees

To prevent them from being cut down .. Watch: Dozens of women in Britain marry trees


In an unusual event, dozens of women in Bristol, Britain, chose to marry trees after deciding to cut down a number of trees to build housing units.
And has more than 70 women in Bristol to "pairing" with dozens of trees at a wedding hosted by one of the priests, Mstlhmat this idea of women in India who have thrown Bodhirahn around trees to protect forests from destruction, according to " Bristol 247 " Bristol247.
The event, which was held in Caravan Park overlooking the "Fluting Harbor" area, aims to highlight plans that could see the felling of trees and the construction of 166 new apartments by the "Gurram Homes" company owned by the city council.
The brides at the ceremony wore wedding dresses from different global cultures, with event organizer Siobhan Kerns saying she hopes the event will show that "trees are our partners for life."
Video clips, and pictures circulating on social media platforms, showed dozens of women wearing wedding dresses and carrying pictures of trees, as a step to discourage the authorities from moving forward in implementing its decision to cut trees.
Siobhan Kearns wrote on a page dedicated to protecting these people titled "Save Baltic Wharf Trees" The council's Baltic Wharf Park is the only green space on the port side. Rather than cherishing this refuge for its importance to wildlife and people, the council's developers plan to dispel this vital ecological link by building high-density, high-rise apartments, which will result in the loss of 74 mature trees.
"We all know the value of trees in tackling global warming and giving us the oxygen to breathe, but urban trees give us so much more. They:
Clean polluted air by absorbing pollutants
Protect us from floods
Reduce traffic noise
Improve mental health
Supports thousands of species of wildlife
And decisively limit dangerous overheating in cities.

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