- In pictures, exciting details of the "r ape" night accused by Ronaldo!

In pictures, exciting details of the "r ape" night accused by Ronaldo!


American Catherine Mayorga recounted the details of the alleged assault of the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009.

Catherine, now 34, said that she met the Portuguese star in a nightclub in Las Vegas in 2009, before he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

She confirmed that she did not know at first that he was a famous football player, until one of her friends explained his identity to her.

Catherine added that she agreed to attend a private party that Ronaldo invited her to at his residence in the luxurious "Palms" hotel in Las Vegas, and when she arrived, he asked her to go to the swimming pool, but she refused for fear of getting her clothes wet, so he offered her to change her clothes in a place designated for that. He gave her a shirt and shorts.

In pictures.. exciting details of the night
She added that while she was changing her clothes, the player surprised her by entering her and asking her for sexual acts, but she refused, but he did not stop and asked her to kiss him, and she agreed to do so in order to leave her alone, but she was surprised by Ronaldo raping her.
Mayorga accused the current Manchester United player of sexual assault, but the latter insisted on denying that accusation and admitted that what happened between him and that girl was with her consent.
So far, Catherine is seeking a compensation amount from the owner of the five gold balls, which the 36-year-old refuses.
 And she continued that she was not conscious after that incident, and that Ronaldo apologized to her for what he did, and that she went to the hospital to reveal without mentioning his name and assaulting her for fear of his great fame, stressing that she suffered from a bad psychological condition that afflicted her for 3 months.

In pictures.. exciting details of the night
She continued, explaining that she had submitted a report to the Las Vegas police, to prove the incident, noting that she had contacted the legal team of Cristiano Ronaldo, who preferred to settle matters away from the court, and ended up receiving $375,000 in compensation.

And Catherine concluded that money was not her goal in the first place, but she was looking for justice, which would not have been achieved at that time due to the great fame of the player, and that she is still waiting for divine punishment against the Portuguese star.

In pictures.. exciting details of the night
On the other hand, Ronaldo responded to the allegations of rape through his official account on Twitter, saying: “I strongly deny the accusations against me, rape is a hateful crime that contradicts what I believe in, and I am also keen on the cleanliness of my name, so I refuse to give information to inform people who seek fame.” on my bill".

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