- A sudden outage around the world in the services of "Facebook", "WhatsApp", "Instagram" and other platforms

A sudden outage around the world in the services of "Facebook", "WhatsApp", "Instagram" and other platforms


Today, Monday, users in different parts of the world reported that the services of the “Facebook”, “WhatsApp” and “Instagram” social networking platforms are disrupted.

The Down Detector website, which specializes in tracking site failures, indicated that the service was suspended on the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms.

The site announced that it had received more than 20,000 reports from users unable to connect to the various applications of the mentioned platforms.

Facebook explained in a tweet on Twitter that it “recognizes that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products,” adding, “We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and are sorry for any inconvenience.”

Instagram also indicated in a tweet that "some users are experiencing problems with the app."

Later, Downdetector reported that users were experiencing problems with their mobile phone service in the United States.

The site also received reports of problems accessing the Twitter, Tik Tok, Telegram, Google and Amazon platforms.

Down Detector noted that it has received other reports of a malfunction in Coinbase's application for cryptocurrencies in the United States.

Facebook shares fell 5.5% after the disruption of site services and the platforms "Instagram" and "WhatsApp", as "Facebook" shares fell to the level of $ 323.56, after a loss of $ 19.5.

Twitter shares fell by more than 6%, and the shares of Google and Amazon by more than 2%, after crashes were recorded on their platforms.

Source: RT + agencies

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