- Liverpool celebrates the historic achievement of “Pharaoh” Salah in a special way (video)

Liverpool celebrates the historic achievement of “Pharaoh” Salah in a special way (video)


The English club Liverpool celebrated the arrival of its Egyptian star to the 100th goal in the "Reds" shirt in the English Premier League, "Premier League".

Salah scored the second goal for his team during the confrontation that brought together the "Reds" against its host Brentford in the sixth round of the "Premier League" yesterday, Saturday, which ended in a 3-3 draw.

Salah's goal yesterday is his 100th goal for Liverpool in the Premier League, which he scored in 151 games, to become the fastest player to reach the scoring centenary with the "Reds" in the history of the competition.
And the official website of the Liverpool team published many tweets, in which it celebrates the historical achievement of its Egyptian star, and also published a video of his 100 goals in the league in the “Reds” shirt.

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 Salah's 100 goals with Liverpool in the league since joining the team in 2017, were distributed as follows:
2017-2018 season: 32 goals
- 2018-2019 season: 22 goals
2019-2020 season: 19 goals
- 2020-2021 season: 22 goals
- Current season (2021-2022): 5 goals

Salah had celebrated scoring 100 goals in the "Premier League" in general, during the confrontation with Leeds United in the fourth round (98 goals with Liverpool and two goals with Chelsea), before scoring in the fifth round (last) one of his team's three goals against Crystal Palace to raise The number of his goals in the competition to 101 goals and a Liverpool shirt to 99 goals, and yesterday he scored his 100th goal in the "Reds" shirt and the 102nd in the history of the competition.

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