- New features in the fourth generation of the iPhone SE

New features in the fourth generation of the iPhone SE

Apple announced the launch of many new features for the expected fourth generation of the inexpensive iPhone SE 4 (SE 4), which will carry a design similar to that of the iPhone 14.

It is expected that the iPhone “SE4” will contain a “USB-C” port for charging and data transfer, instead of the traditional “Lightning” port, as Apple products will completely switch to a “USB-C” port, in line with new laws and regulations. It is obligatory to unify charging ports in electronic devices.

The phone will include facial recognition technology, contrary to previous expectations that “Apple” may retain the fingerprint recognition feature available in previous versions, and the new device will also contain the new “Action” button, which is found in the upcoming “iPhone 15” phones, which can be customized. To perform various jobs and tasks.

And “Apple” will maintain the presence of one (camera) back in the phone, however, the phone may witness other developments; For example: adding an "OLED" screen instead of an "LCD", as it may be the first phone to carry a dedicated (modem) connection that supports fifth-generation networks developed by "Apple".
It is worth noting that the current price of the latest iPhone SE - released in 2022 - starts at $430.

Source : Qatar News Agency (QNA)

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