- Top10 – bizarre and unconventional games from around the world

Top10 – bizarre and unconventional games from around the world


Here are ten bizarre and unconventional games from around the world that stand out for their unique concepts and gameplay experiences:

1. **Katamari Damacy (Japan):** 

In this game, players control a sticky ball that rolls up objects, gradually growing larger and absorbing everything in its path.

2. **Goat Simulator (Various):** 

This simulation game lets players control a goat and engage in various chaotic and humorous activities, often resulting in surreal and unexpected outcomes.

3. **Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Various):** 

Players control an octopus masquerading as a human father, navigating everyday tasks while struggling to hide its true identity.

4. **Papers, Please (Various):** 

n this dystopian simulation game, players take on the role of an immigration officer responsible for inspecting documents and deciding who can enter a fictional country.

5. **I Am Bread (Various):** 

This physics-based game lets players control a slice of bread, maneuvering it through obstacles and environments to become toast.

6. **Surgeon Simulator (Various):** 

In this humorous and intentionally difficult game, players perform virtual surgeries with intentionally clumsy controls, leading to comical results.

7. **Catherine (Various):** A

 blend of puzzle and horror, this game follows a man's surreal experiences navigating his relationships, often involving bizarre puzzle stages.

8. **Seaman (Various):** 

A virtual pet simulation, Seaman features a fish with a human face that can engage in conversations with players through a microphone.

9. **Enviro-Bear 2000 (Various):** 

In this quirky simulation game, players control a bear driving a car, struggling to catch fish and gather food items before hibernation.

10. **Noby Noby Boy (Various):** 

Created by the same developer as Katamari Damacy, this game involves stretching a worm-like character to interact with objects and environments in surreal ways.

These games showcase the creative and sometimes eccentric side of the gaming industry, offering unique and unconventional gameplay experiences that cater to a diverse range of tastes. Keep in mind that the enjoyment of such games often relies on a sense of humor and an appreciation for their distinctiveness. 

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