- A tree trunk turned into the hero, amazing Video

A tree trunk turned into the hero, amazing Video

The social media moving a video recording, and trusted a camera belonging to an association concerned with monitoring the manifestations of wildlife in France, where the eye of the camera took a tree trunk turned into the hero of this video.
He took this video in one of the forests of which France is famous.

This tree trunk seemed to be a comms.
The trunk of the tree, the constant immobile hero, became the axis around which life revolves in this recording, having been transformed into a barrier and a bridge at once, and a runway of birds landing on it before taking off again.

Or maybe it is podium, platform for fashion show! Why not? If a man kills foxes to seize her fur, what prevents the fox itself from turning into an exhibitor who boasts of what nature has endowed, without causing harm?

Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov once wrote: "If a gun appears on the wall at the beginning of the play, it must be shot." But the "Venice" in this video is more than just a decorative scene, with all its importance.

Video may raise the question of some about the significance of it, while some may see another that it paints the land of the Virgin, and harmony of nature with divine creativity before the existence of man.