- Ronaldo's girlfriend explains the reality of their relationship

Ronaldo's girlfriend explains the reality of their relationship

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Spanish-born Georgina Rodriguez, has refuted rumors of their separation, admitting that she wants to become his wife, while denying rumors of their engagement.

"I wish we were his wife, we had priorities and a lot of

responsibilities, but maybe in the future he became Cristiano's wife," Georgina said in an interview with the magazine Hula.
"I am happy with my life, but I have confirmed that there are no plans for marriage now," Georgina said. "I am still in mourning for the loss of my father," George Eduardo Rodríguez Górion, who died last month at the age of 70 after suffering a stroke.
"Cristiano is always on my side and supporting us every day," Cristiano said, adding that her father was admiring Ronaldo, 34, on Tuesday as a football player and was enthusiastic about their relationship.
Georges Rodriguez's comments come as media reports have recently reported a chill in the emotional relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend.
It was reported that Rodríguez had removed the wedding ring, estimated at 700,000 euros, and celebrated her 25th birthday on the 27th of last month, in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, without the Portuguese star.
Ronaldo was keen to celebrate his 34th birthday, Tuesday, with his family and his children.
Georgina posted a video on her front page on the Ingram website, showing the Portuguese star playing his two-year-old Mathieu.
Ronaldo is known for her visit to her shop in 2016 and has had a baby one year ago and has been named "Alena Martina", along with three other children of the Portuguese star from an alternative mother, Cristiano Junior, Nine years, twins "YVA" and "Matteo", and two and a half years old.

Source: Agencies