- What are the best alternatives to AdSense - Media net Chitika Infolinks or Bidvertiser !!!

What are the best alternatives to AdSense - Media net Chitika Infolinks or Bidvertiser !!!

Google Adsense is still the #1 ad company. Media net uses Yahoo+Bing ads and stays at #2 place. This means that more advertisers in the world use Adsense compared to Media-net. As a publisher, you will have to maintain a higher quality of content on your website to attract the advertisers if you use Media net.

There is no minimum website traffic requirement for Media net. But usually they reject any sites with lower than 15000 unique visitors per month. They favor non-tech sites like the sites about fashion, health, food etc., unless your sites have huge traffic. Good thing is that Media-net and Adsense are compatible with each other.

Payment wise, Media net uses both Paypal and Wire Transfer which makes life easy for publishers. With Adsense there is always some trouble when they send the funds.

Some people make more money from Media-net, others from Adsense. It depends on the site content and traffic. Adsense has ads for all kinds of sites, but Media-net makes more money on non-tech sites.

The best is Adsense, but Infolinks is working good on huge traffic on site. The click-through rate is better than Adsense. 
Infolinks does not use the extra place of your blog post. The tools of this publishing house convert your post keywords to show the ads. They use the left and right space of your blog interface to display ads in a floating way. This is one of the best ads providing publishing house.

People choose Google Adsense because it pays better than anyone else in the same market. I also wanted to use Adsense in my blog, but Google doesn’t approve so fast and easy.

So, I searched the same query on the net and found out that there’s a website called Chitika, it also does the same work, but pays slightly less than Google.

I would recommend you to search for options, otherwise Chitika is good, they pay on time, it is easy to install on your blog and they confirm your account fast.

You can try Bidvertiser ad network or Infolinks. In Bidvertiser you dont need to wait for approval you have to just signed up, fill some information, get ad code and paste it. Bidvertiser sometimes give better performance than adsense (it works same as like adsense means CPC & PPC). And if your website is good then you can also go for Infolinks(textual ad network). But in Infolinks its takes about 34–48 hours (2 days) for approval and there are some guidelines that you have to meet.

I found a great AdSense alternative that pays out at $10. Can use it in conjunction w/adsense too. Try it: CHITIKA