- After setting a record in America ... Corona and Biden force Trump to put a mask

After setting a record in America ... Corona and Biden force Trump to put a mask

On Saturday, the United States recorded 66,528 new infections with the Coruna virus within 24 hours, which is a new record, according to data published by Johns Hopkins University, a reference point for tracking Covid-19 injuries and deaths.

Johns Hopkins data showed that the total number of people infected with Covid-19 in the country most affected by the epidemic, rose to 3 million and 242 thousand and 73 people, while the number of deaths increased to 134 thousand and 729.

The daily number of new infections exceeded 60,000 for the fifth consecutive day in the United States, as the epidemic has become out of control in many states.

US President Donald Trump put a muzzle for the first time in a public place on Saturday while visiting a medical center, as the incidence of HIV infections throughout the United States increased.

Trump walked into the corridors of Walter Reed Military Hospital outside Washington with a black mask on his face, before he met injured soldiers, according to television footage.
"I think putting a muzzle on is great, I have never been against masks, but I think it has an appropriate place and time," Trump said before the visit when he left the White House.

According to media reports this week, Trump aides begged him to agree to put a muzzle in public, and to allow reporters to photograph him, with Corona virus infections increasing in some states, and the president lagged Democratic candidate Joe Biden in opinion polls before the November elections.

Trump continues to defend his administration's handling of the epidemic, even though the United States is the country worst hit by the number of casualties in the world.