- What is the Zing Network and how does it work? Start your own free Business EVER!

What is the Zing Network and how does it work? Start your own free Business EVER!

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Zing is an “umbrella network” designed to simplify SFI for affiliates, putting membership in ALL of ZING properties “all under one roof.” So, for example, there is no such thing as a "TripleClicks Member" per se, or a "Rewardical Member," or a "Localvantia Member" (or Eager Zebra members). Instead, there are only members of the Zing Network. 

Zing properties include the following six programs:
* TripleClicks Superstore: https://www.tripleclicks.com
* Rewardical Loyalty Program & Exchange: https://www.rewardical.com
* Eager Zebra Games: http://www.eagerzebra.com
* Localvantia Merchant Savings Search Engine: https://www.localvantia.com
* SFI Marketing Group: http://www.sfimg.com

As an SFI Affiliate, you only need refer members. And once you do, some very cool things kick in because of Zing. No matter how you attracted a referral, whether it was to an Eager Zebra game, to an Astro Auction, or to a product or other element of one of other properties, that member will be exposed to all the other areas of program, including SFI! Why is that important? Because for the first time in 19+ year history, have taken down the wall between “non-affiliate properties” and SFI, and openly inviting ALL to partake in the awesome affiliate program too! 

Zing works because your member login credentials provide you access to every one of the properties. ONE login for all properties. At the same time, Zing simplifies SFI and makes it much more accessible because getting started with SFI is boiled down to one simple action: REFER MEMBERS. Just by focusing on referring members and teaching your new PSAs how to refer members, you can be a part of explosive growth for SFI because your members are automatically exposed to ALL products and services…and the SFI affiliate program, too.


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