- Rise from a kid who eats leftovers in restaurants to the first football billionaire

Rise from a kid who eats leftovers in restaurants to the first football billionaire

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer of the Italian team, Juventus, officially became the first football player with a fortune exceeding one billion dollars.

Forbes magazine reported that Ronaldo (35 years) collected most of his wealth ($ 650 million) from salaries and bonuses he received from the teams he represented, which are in order: Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, Spain, who moved from him to his current team, Juventus in the year 2018.
The magazine said that Ronaldo has reached one billion dollars from his commercial activity in advertisements and social networking sites, as he is the most prominent sports star in terms of popularity and raising money from them, as he became the first person to have 200 million followers on Instagram, and the total of his followers on his official accounts on social media reaches 427 One million followers.

The Portuguese star also gets more than $ 20 million annually from the Nike apparel and sports equipment company after signing a lifetime contract with him in 2016, to be the third player to win this big contract after basketball greats Michael Jordan and LeBron James.
Ronaldo became the fourth athlete to enter the billionaire club, where he was preceded by American Tiger Woods, who was the first member of the club in 2009, and former world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Ronaldo lived a difficult life in his childhood, as he recounted several times that he did not have the price of a "burger pie", which made him eat the leftovers of the customers of the famous McDonald's restaurant in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, but he struggled to shine and began his debut with stardom and wealth when he joined Manchester United in the year 2003.
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