- She is 12 years old. A case of "rape" haunts Ronaldo after his return to Manchester United

She is 12 years old. A case of "rape" haunts Ronaldo after his return to Manchester United


The appearance of Portuguese star Ronaldo in his first Premier League match with Manchester United on Saturday did not go unnoticed, as a plane flew over Old Trafford to expose what Ronaldo had done 12 years ago.
And Cristiano Ronaldo got into a whirlwind years ago when American model Catherine Mayorga accused him of raping her during one of his nights in Las Vegas hotels in the United States in 2009.

Mayorga accused the current Manchester United player of sexual assault, but the latter insisted on denying that accusation and admitted that what happened between him and that girl was with her consent.
So far, Catherine is seeking a compensation amount from the owner of the five gold balls, which the 36-year-old refuses.

A group specializing in the defense of women's rights in the city of Manchester welcomed the arrival of the "Don" in its own way, by printing the words "Believe Catherine Mayorga" on a large banner and flying it over Old Trafford during a match between Manchester and Newcastle.

This group wanted to "spoil" Cristiano Ronaldo's reception at his "beloved" stadium and to highlight how the famous player does not care about women's rights.

Ronaldo's defense team had confirmed in 2019 that the Portuguese star would not face any charges in connection with the allegations of the sexual assault case accused by the American model Catherine Mayorga.

"Based on the reviewed case files submitted during the investigation, it has been determined that the accusations of sexual assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, there will be no charges or prosecutions," the Clark County, Nevada District Attorney's office said.

It is worth noting that Catherine Mayorga filed a complaint in September 2018 in Las Vegas, accusing the Portuguese star of raping her on the night of June 12, 2009, in a city hotel.

Source: British media

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