- Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 historical records that recorded .Discover them

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 historical records that recorded .Discover them

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed that age is just a number, by his brilliance in the middle of the fourth decade of his life and his recording many records from which we monitor in the next report 10 distinct numbers.

After scoring a double in his country's first victory over Sweden on Tuesday 2-0, "Madeira missile" raised his score to 101 in Portugal's jersey and hit several birds with one stone.

Planet Football has recorded 10 records through the amazing stats of Ronaldo, which he recorded since the beginning of last season until now, as follows:

The first international scorer in Europe
after Ronaldo scored his international goals, number 100 and 101, with the Portuguese national team against his Swedish counterpart, he became the first European player to score so many international goals.

Close to skipping Iranian Daei, Ronaldo is only 9 goals away to become the best international scorer in history, which is currently occupied by former Iranian star Ali Daei with 109 goals scored in 149 matches.

Equal to Henry and Van Persie combined, Ronaldo's international goals score is equal to the historic scorers for the French and Dutch teams, Thierry Henry, who scored 51 goals for the Duke, while his former Arsenal teammate Robin Van Persie scored 50 goals for the Netherlands.

He surpasses Eusebio and Pauletta together, and Ronaldo widened the difference between those who color him in the Portuguese team's scorers' ranking in a huge way, so that the number of his goals is 13 more than the total of second and third goals of Portugal combined.

Pauletta scored 47 goals in 88 matches for "Brazil of Europe", while the late legend Eusebio scored 41 goals in 64 matches.
His brilliance increases with his age, Statistics confirm that age for Ronaldo is just a number, as he scored 49 of his international goals in the last 47 games, which indicates that the arc is still open to achieving achievements and breaking other records.

He surpassed 700 goals, and Ronaldo surpassed 700 goals in his football career about a year ago, to join the constellation of international stars who reached this huge achievement, including Pele, Romario, Gerd Muller, Joseph Pecan, Puskas, and finally Lionel Messi.
More than a record for Juventus in one season
The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star broke the record for his team, Juventus, who remained steadfast for 94 years, when he scored two goals against the French club Lyon in the European Champions League last month, reaching 37 goals with the team this season, to become Most player to score in one season for Juventus.

Former record holder Ferenc Herzer scored 35 goals for Juventus during the 1925-26 season.
Bigger than scoring 30 goals in the major leagues,
Ronaldo also broke the record that stood still for 72 years when he became the oldest player at 35 years and 166 days to score more than 30 goals in one of the five major European leagues .
Former Arsenal striker Rooney was the record holder as the oldest player, when he scored 33 league goals during the 1947-1948 season.
Faster than scoring 50 goals in Calcio, Ronaldo became faster than scoring 50 goals in the Italian league, requiring only 61 games, with 7 matches less than what was needed by former Ukrainian striker Andrei Shevchenko with a Milan jersey.
The first player to score 50 goals in 3 of the major leagues
, Ronaldo also became the first player to score 50 goals in 3 of the five major leagues, in England, Spain and Italy, where he scored 84 goals in the English Premier League, 311 goals in the League and 52 goals in the Italian League.
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