- Hackers steal 58 million rubles from a Russian bank

Hackers steal 58 million rubles from a Russian bank

A group of hackers succeeded in an attack on a Russian bank and stole more than 58 million rubles, equivalent to about one million dollars, Kommersant quoted sources in the banking sector.
The electronic newspaper Kommersant reported that the cyber attack was carried out this week, on July 4, when Hackers transferred 58 million rubles from the Russian bank's " PirBank " accounts to bank cards.
The Russian bank confirmed the cyber attack, which is the first this year, and the chairman of the board, " PirBank ", Olga Kolosova, that it is difficult to estimate the size of the losses accurately, because part of the stolen money was recovered, but the bulk was stolen.

On how the operation took place, the pirates transferred the stolen money to personal bank cards issued by 22 banks on the top 50 banks in Russia. Money was then withdrawn via ATM machines on the same night of the break-in.
Kulosova said that until now the virus has not been identified by the pirates, but the Center for Monitoring and Response to electronic attacks of the Central Bank of Russia is likely that the virus succeeded in penetrating " PirBank " via e-mail.
According to Kolosova, the bank was forced to stop working on July 4 and 5 because of the theft, but it returned to normal on July 6.
For his part, the Russian Central Observatory to disclose details of the penetration, and only to confirm the incident, noting that the Center for Monitoring and Response to cyber attacks is implementing all necessary measures.
And increased attacks on electronic banks and credit institutions in 2016, when the pirates managed to steal 1.5 billion Russian rubles, and by the end of 2017 occurred with the withdrawal of funds from the accounts of Russian banks at the Russian Central.
(USD = 63 rubles on 6 June)

Source: Central Bank of Russia

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